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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's new?

Bear has been a bad influence on Blanche.

I told you in my last post that Hannah was in a local production of Godspell. Well, she played sort of a punk character and came up with the idea of temporarily dreading her hair.

Emphesis on the TEMPORARY.

I assure you that her hair is quite back to normal now, and that she never dresses like this in real life. And she only allowed me to post this after I assured her that none of you would hate her or anything.

This is just photo evidence of one of the reasons why we couldn't film last month. :)

Oh, and a chance to spice up your days. Last thing you expected, right?


MJ said...

I love it. Blanche get's depressed and listens to WAY too much punk music.

Rose said...

Ha ha! No, don't worry Hannah, we don't hate you!

LoL, that is too funny!

Angel_Horses said...

*cough* And that's Blanche?? Poor girl, looks like she's going through an identity crisis... like, with that ROSE tattoo, and DREADLOCKS? *shakes head sadly*

J/K =P

And we would so never turn against you, Blanche! *pouts*
And thanks for letting Elena post this! It totally made my day =P

"Nenette" said...


Sarah said...

she looks awesome! :]

Don't you love how actors can make such extreme transformations?

The Real Katie said...

Too cute!

The Other Katie said...

lol! love it!
we still love you, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

Have you decided on a "Mr. Freet" yet? What about "Mrs. Brier"?

Bernadette said...

That's really funny. Of course we don't hate you - you're playing Blanche!
That definitly explains why there hasn't been any filming lately.... :-P

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! Hilarious!!! I just love that! Poor Blanche. XD

spacegrace said...

luv it!!! especially the tattoo!!!

Anonymous said...

thats HILARIOUS!!!! OMG, i laughed so hard!!!!!! thanx 4 showing it to us!!!!!! LOL!!!