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We are an independant young adult-run production based in the U.S. Midwest. The film has been in pre-production since summer 2008, and wrapped up filming on August 26th, 2010.

We premiered the project on June 23rd, 2011 at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN to a delighted audience of over 100 viewers.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Software is ordered!

Excitement just gets greater!

So I'm going to be editing the film on my laptop... and I could really use a mouse. I only use a touchpad right now, but for that much finger tapping it would really save my hands if I had a mouse.

So! If any of you have a gently used mouse (with a middle scroller!) in good condition that you would like to donate to the SOTB cause, send me an e-mail at theshadowofthebear@ymail.com

I'll probably ask for a picture first, and an awesome bonus feature would be a wireless one. But I'll see what options there are... :)


Maria(rose) said...


Bridget said...

YAY!!! Okay now you just made me excited!!

Anonymous said...

Is the youtube video of you and a cast member online yet?

Elenatintil said...

Nope. That can't happen until after we get the software. So probably not until January.

Gwen said...

I so wish I could have helped with this project. I chastise myself for not learning about the movie sooner!!! But now I must stop looking back and lamenting....