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We are an independant young adult-run production based in the U.S. Midwest. The film has been in pre-production since summer 2008, and wrapped up filming on August 26th, 2010.

We premiered the project on June 23rd, 2011 at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN to a delighted audience of over 100 viewers.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

DVDs Start Shipping Out Next Week!

Chesterton Press has been super busy lately, so I don't think they'll get everyone's out next week, but they'll do the best they can! Also, copies will be for sale at the IHM conference this weekend!

To recap:

Official DVD Price -- $10 (each additional copy is also $10, no discounts for ordering multiples).

To order, please contact Andrew at andrew@chestertonpress.com. He will tell you the preferred payment method.

You MUST include your shipping address. If you place an order by letter, please include an e-mail address or phone # in case we need to contact you.


Anonymous said...

I asked before, but no one answered my comment. Will there be any special features on the DVD? I know the movie will not be the finished version, but will there at least be some other footage, behind-the-scenes stuff, for instance, that will come with the DVD that is coming soon?

Elenatintil said...

No, there will be no DVD extras. I have recieved permission to share the blooper reel, however, and will have that up on the website at some point for a limited time.

Una Mariah said...

Why only for a limited time?

Anonymous said...

Got the DVD yesterday at the IHM conference!
So excited!
In Christ,

Elenatintil said...

Una - Legal issues, I think.

Anastasia Miles said...

Oh yes!!!! And I dont have anything else to say! :)