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We premiered the project on June 23rd, 2011 at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN to a delighted audience of over 100 viewers.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Introducing Blanche Brier

The heroine of SOTB is 18-year-old Blanche Brier, whose dark black hair and fair skin earn her the nickname "Snow White." She is cautious, introvertive, a great reader, and possesses hidden courage.

Portraying her in our film is Hannah, a talented young actress, who has agreed to answer a few questions for you all.

(And yes, I edited the photo so that you could see what darker hair looks like on her.)

Elena: So Hannah, how long have you been acting?

Hannah: When I was five, in my first and only dance recital, I kicked and screamed and wouldn't go onstage for our song. However, when they convinced me to go on for the finale I had the time of my life and knew that I was meant to be on stage (or in this case screen).

Elena: (laughs) that's awesome! So what sort of productions/parts have you been in/had in the past?

Hannah: Some of my favorites have been "Sleeping Beauty" (I was Sleeping Beauty), playing Agent 99 in "Get Smart" (with Anthony, who is Fish), and being Frenchie in "Grease" because it was so out of character for me.

Elena: You've been involved with some films too, haven't you?

Hannah: I was an extra in "Lights Out" which is an independant film directed by Linda Holmes that is hopefully going to be released sometime soon. I'm currently working on producing my first short film which is called "Melody."

Elena: Tell us more about "Melody."

Hannah: It's basically the story of the last day of a girl's life before she's planning to commit suicide. I wrote the script after a young man in my class committed suicide a year and a half ago.

Elena: Any chance you'll put it online when you're done? (I know we'd love to see it.)

Hannah: We'll definetely be releasing it some way, I'm not sure how yet.

Elena: Well I loved what I've seen of it so far- I can't wait for the rest of it!

Hannah: Me too. It's been a hard but satisfying project to work on.

Elena: Aren't all films? Speaking of which...after that, what convinced you to take on this project? (SOTB)

Hannah: I loved the story. Being able to get into another person's head and become the character is an amazing part of acting. Me and Blanche are basically the same person- and now I get to experiance her story and work together with other passionate people to use that story to impact others' lives.

Elena: How exactly are you and Blanche alike? What makes you identify so strongly with her?

Hannah: We think the same way. I'm very discerning (or intuitive) like her and I tend to see more of the shadows rather than the grand adventure. Then there's all the little stuff like pale skin- we both sew- I love turquoise prom dresses- we fall for the same types of guys...I keep reacting to situations and then you (Elena) get weirded out because I'm reacting just like Blanche.

Elena: That's certainly true! What do you think you are looking forwards to the most? (As in, what scene to film?)

Hannah: The whole prom scene will be really fun and also a challange. There's the big dance and the fight outside the school- that'll be really fun, plus I get to wear a pretty dress! There's also the more vulnerble moments that I'm both excited and nervous about getting into.

Elena: (smiles) you'll do great! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions!

Hannah: Absolutely. I'm super excited to start filming!


Delaney said...

Thanks so much, Elena!

And thank you, Hannah! :) I'm very excited to see your portrayal of Blanche. :)

MJ said...

Hey Hannah im so excited to see you as Blanche. Congratualiotions on the part.

Lady Rose said...

She looks sooooo perfect! So sweet, and lovely and utterly Blanche-ish!

Hannah, you are fantastic!

Hannah said...

Hannah! You seem perfect for Blanche! Congrats on getting the part!

A FairyTale Novel Fan said...

It looks and sounds like Hannah will fit Blanche's role well...
I think that Rose also looks pretty good, though she needs red hair.

I don't know if I like Bear or not because there are really only side pics...

What about Fish's hair??? It is going to be black??? He had lighter colored hair in the books. (In fact in the end of WR when Fish's hair was dyed black, Rose commented that she "missed" his light colored hair)

Good-luck on your filming...I hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she looks so perfect!! and she sounds like she really understands Blanche! I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job! Good luck, Hannah!

~Squiggley smiley~

spacegrace said...

awesome! can't wait to see what you do with the part!

Elizabeth said...

Perfect... just like the rest of them. Seems like she's like Blanche all the time. Well, that would make it easy to stay in character! I want to know who is playing Bear!!! Bear is very important. So who?! Patience is not my middle name. So hurry!!