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We premiered the project on June 23rd, 2011 at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN to a delighted audience of over 100 viewers.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introducing Eileen...

An extra treat for you all...Karina, who will be playing Eileen (one of Blanche's main tormenters at school) stopped over at my house today and I was able to get an interview with her! So today you get to meet her as well! (And isn't she just lovely?)

Elena: Hey Karina!

Karina: Hi!

Elena: So...this is your first movie project, right?

Karina: Yes. Very first. I'm excited!

Elena: But you've done a lot of theatre, haven't you?

Karina: I've done some musical theatre, but mostly background stuff. Make-up, that kind of stuff.

Elena: Elaborate?

Karina: I was in choirs, musicals at church 1st-6th grade, and then two outdoor community theatre musicals (Oliver! and Beauty and the Beast) with Sharayah's mom, Lori. And I did make-up for Oliver Twist and Robin Hood for CB Productions.

Elena: and then you took acting classes too...

Karina: *nods*

Elena:...which is obviously how we met!

Karina: Yep!

Elena: So...SOTB...you get to play the evil girl...

Karina: *laughs* I'm excited! She's so differant from me, it's like playing alter-ego or something.

Elena: And you get to pretend to smoke...

Karina: *laughs again* Yes!

Elena: I was saying to Anthony that in this film we get to pretend to do everything our parents warned us not to do as kids...smoke....drugs...point guns at people...put plastic bags over heads...etc.

Karina: Don't forget the fighting!

Elena: Oh yes! Definitely! I'm so looking forwards to choreographing those....including the one that you and Rose have.

Karina: I'm looking forwards to that too. It'll be interesting considering that Sharayah's my friend...

Elena: Yeah. That's why it's called "acting." Speaking of which...what are you looking forwards to the most on this project?

Karina: Probably the meeting the people and having the experience and having fun...and like the clothes...I could go on and on!

Elena: So could I! ;) It's just such an awesome story...it gives us so much to work with, doesn't it?

Karina: Too true!

Elena: What in particular jumped out at you- or what did you connect with when you were reading the book?

Karina: *long pause...giggle...* the clothes! I love fashion and clothes and stuff so just...thinking about sequins...makes me laugh!

Elena: This really is the perfect part for you...

Karina: It's kind of scary! But I am nice! I don't pick on people!

Elena: Yes! You can be the poster-girl for the "Nice Blondes." You know we all accuse Regina of having something against blondes because she has so many blonde villians/villianesses?

Karina: Maybe when I meet her I'll change her mind!

Elena: Lol! She says it just happens. Not intentional or anything. ;) So, speaking of an actress...what challenges do you forsee in this? Taking on an evil character? Working on screen instead of film? Have you been thinking about that at all?

Karina: Probably...not laughing! Remembering my lines. And I guess making sure I stay in character...you know like, in the middle of the scene going..."oh, are you okay?"

Elena: Well, that's what I'm here for! That's my job!

Karina: Good! You'll keep me on top!

Elena: And really, that's the nice thing about film. You CAN stop the camera. It isn't like the stage where you have to keep going. And you only have to remember your lines for a certain section...not that long at all. You have a lot of flexibility and the chance to try your lines in a lot of differant ways. And then I don't have to choose what I'm going to use until we get to the editing room.

Karina: Well don't you have the easy job!

Elena: Er....yeah....about that...

Karina: Okay, maybe not.

Elena: Yeah so...it's all good.

Karina: Yes.

Elena: Well thanks for the interview! This will be everyone's first glimpse of you so...it's cool! :)

Karina: No problem. It was fun! I hope people aren't disapointed!

Elena: How could they be?


Elphaba said...

Wow! Karina seems perfect! In the good way, of course. Not the "she is exactly like Eileen she seems so evil" sort of way. Yeah.


Delaney said...

So, the last two lines of the interview pretty much sum up my thoughts! ;) I'm even more excited now that we're meeting more of the actors!

Amanda said...

Disapointed... my dear we are not! I love you! You look so... perfectly evil! I can't wait to see you in the final production!

MJ said...

she seems amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! She totally looks the part!! I can't wait to see her on screen!!

~Anony Mouse

Victoria said...

Perfect looks!!


Anonymous said...

She is very Pretty!!! LOVE HER NAILS!!! lol!

~SOTB Fan 4eva!!!

Rosa said...

I know Karina!

I was just browsing through your blog because I saw something about the movie on Regina Doman's website, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Karina's picture.

Good luck with the movie.. it looks great!

ennagirl said...

*Sniff* Blonde here. *Giggles* J/k. I love the books anyway. :D

ReginaDomanFan said...

WOW! This picture looks JUST like Eileen!!! Scary! :) Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

So perfect!! Exactly as I had imagined!! Eileen is evil, but a really good character. Have fun tormenting Blanche!! *wink*

Lady Anastasia said...

Okay, so I see other people have asked this question, but who is playing Rob? He is such an amazing part!!