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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Introducing Fish...

Fish, also known as Benedict Denniston, remains something of an enigma during SOTB (although his story is fleshed out later during Waking Rose). Like his brother he enjoys art, music and poetry, but is more cautious and cynical. He remains on the borders of SOTB, but is much more critical to the plot than he first seems.

Playing Fish is Anthony, who also agreed to give us some time and answer some questions about his previous acting experience and why he chose to take on the character of Fish.

(Photo by Cypress Dreams Photography)

Elena: So, Anthony, how long have you been acting?

Anthony: I have been officially acting since 2005.

Elena: Officially meaning-?

Anthony: Officially meaning I had no acting experience before that.

Elena: Wow. So your first project was Lights Out? That's really impressive! I mean, your acting in that film was amazing.

Anthony: Thank you.

Elena: Can you tell us a little bit about that project? I know Hannah mentioned it in her interview. What is it about? How did you get involved with it?

Anthony: I was actually dragged to an audition by a friend- almost literally. I auditioned at the last audition to be an extra but the director felt that I could play one of the leads.

Elena: That must have been a surprise!

Anthony: It was definitely a surprise. I got an e-mail notifying me that I could be an extra and then a week later I got a phone call from the director asking me if I would play T.J., one of the leads.

Elena: And you said "yes," obviously. What was that like, going from no acting experience, to suddenly being a major part of an independent film project like that?

Anthony: Um, crazy. It was incredibly crazy. I felt kind of scared considering that out of everybody there I probably had the least acting experience. But the director said just being yourself was the best way to go, so I almost had no choice but to do that.

Elena: Two more Lights Outs questions: What was your favorite part and least favorite part of being on a film set?

Anthony: Favorite part was the people. I got to meet a lot of people that I wouldn't have otherwise. Many of my current closest friends are from the movie. Just the experience of doing it as a whole was - as far as I can remember - the best time of my life. As far as what I didn't like...there were some pretty late nights in some pretty cold places. But even that was definitely worth it.

Elena: "Pain is temporary, film is forever, right?" So are you excited to be taking on another project? (i.e. SOTB)

Anthony: I'm very excited about taking on another project, especially this one. But I also have seen the amount of work that goes into a film, so I'm trying to prepare myself.

Elena: Well I certainly agree with that. Thinking about this project is...intimidating at times. Definitely. So with that in mind, what made you decide to come on board SOTB?

Anthony: I love the idea and I love the characters. The story drew me in right away. It's so picturesque. Usually when I read a story or see a movie I find myself imagining what it would have been like if I were a character in that story but with SOTB I found myself playing Fish instead of another character of my own making.

Elena: Do you find yourself connecting with Fish in any ways?

Anthony: Yes, very much, very much, in an almost scary way.

Elena: Even the cynicism? Because I don't really see that in you.

Anthony: Let's just say it's tempered. I definitely relate to Fish in that regard.

Elena: And what about the way he and Rose communicate? They have such a hilarious and fascinating relationship- do you see yourself connecting to that at all?

Anthony: Well personally I haven't found my "Rose" yet, so I can't completely relate or understand, but I love the character of Rose. I would say there should have been more written about Rose. I agree that Fish and Rose's relationship is pretty funny.

Elena: Oh yes, their conversations are some of my favorite parts in the series. And speaking of favorites...final question now...what scenes do you think you are looking forwards to the most?

Anthony: As far as the scenes that I'm doing- all of them. I'm very excited to work with both Jed and Sharayah. They're both such talented actors. I would say my favorite scene, the one that I'm looking forwards too the most, is probably Fish and Rose in the Park.

Elena: Not the torture scene?!?

Anthony: Not the torture scene!

Elena: Awww! But that's going to be so fun!

Anthony: Oh, it definitely will be....

Elena: There's that cynicism!

Anthony: Lucky you. But really, the scene in the in the park- it's not only the start but the essence and a window into what their relationship becomes and the relationship between our four characters.

Elena: You should start a blog..."Inside the mind of Fish"...

Anthony: *laughs*

Elena: All right, well thank you very much for giving us your time tonight! I can't wait to get working on filming in earnest!


Elphaba said...

EEK! Do Anthony!

Amanda said...

FISSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Great interview!!!!!

What does he look like?

Elenatintil said...

He looks like he does in the screen test below! ;)

I'm hoping to have a picture up eventually, but I'm waiting for permission for a certain one I want to use.

MJ said...

I missed this one somehow. He seems amazing Elena. You are great at picking out the cast.

Anonymous said...

FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!!!!!! He seems fabilously the part!!!

~Anony Mouse

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't he supposed to have brown eyes?? No matter.

~Anony Mouse

MJ said...

okay I've seen pics of him before but this is amazing. You found an actor who looks like Fish. None of us on the board could ever find a perfect Fish but you did. You are AMAZING elena.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.......'Inside the Mind of Fish' nice one Elena! *sigh* Still the only cast member I haven't met yet......Anthony is PERFECT! Yeah Fish! :)

Elenatintil said...

MJ- It wasn't me. It was God. I was so worried that you guys wouldn't agree. But the fact that you do only confirms that God is bringing this all together.

Anonymous said...

Yay! He looks great for the part!! :) Good job!

Victoria said...

FISHY!!!! He looks awsome! The more I look at his picture, the more I am convinced he is Fish. Great pick. This is weird and kinda of random, but I have a brother named Anthony. Interesting, huh?


"Princess Blanche" said...

I'm so excited for the movie!
"Princess Blanche"

Lady Rose said...

*melts into puddle of goo* FISH!!!!!!

"Princess Blanche" said...

What are you doing for the music? I'd like to help, although I'm not sure I'll be able to(have to ask my parents and see if I have time with homework, etc.)
"Princess Blanche"

TrinaBina said...

Oh my goodness! GREAT HAT! lol! Very "Fishy"! This is amzing, Elena, I can't wait to see the movie!!

Melody the Incorrigible said...

Wow, this is awesome. The movie every one has been waiting for, with the perfect Mr. 'Winsome' Fish! Though, honestly, I had never thought Fish would be into corduroy ;)

Mrs. Fish said...

FISHY!!!! (lol) I can't believe it I finally see you!!!!! great interview can't wait to see it!!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

well on that note, are you going to do another P&P post as to why you like one over the other?
(ie Mathew somebody, better than Colin Firth)
just wondering---
(sorry this has nothing to do with this blog, but as some people such as myself do not have an account i had to post this here instead of on your blog, "Elenatintil".

Anonymous said...

oh yes, good Fish and Eileen. and Blanche

Sharayah - Rose said...

Anthony oh Anthony. My only question is WHY doesn't he look forward to the torture scene? Why.

Elenatintil said...

I don't know Sharayah, I can't figure it out either...

Anonymous said...

I just read the books and Fish is the most amazingest character ever, besides Rose. He is definately the hardest person to find adn act. I admit that I was pretty doubtful that anybody could present Fish as he really is, but wow. I'm sure Anthony will do amazing. Wow. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


so cool!!!! but why isn't he looking forward to the torture scene???? that would be COOL!!!!!

spacegrace said...

lo FISHY!!!! he looks perfect! and sounds perfect too;) especially the part about not looking forward to the torture scene.

ReginaDomanFan said...

Arthur~ "You have good eyes" :)
Fish had lighter hair though. You gonna change it?

Phoenix A. Cullen said...

I can not wait to see anyone act, especially fish...
good luck and break a leg *I know that one of those is the good luck involed in movie makeing but I don't know which one.* hehe :p
I hope you have in all of your scenes I can't wait for any of them.

Phoenix A. Cullen

Veronica said...

It seems like Fish would definitely be a difficult one to cast, but Anthony looks perfect. Their characters really seem to match.
Just like what I pictured Fish to look like.
Good luck, guys!

Anonymous said...

I miss the brown eyes, in a mysterious sense their what drew me so close to Fish when I fist read the book, but I'm fond of Anthony and think he'll do swimmingly as Fish (no pun intended)nontheless

Anonymous said...

Fiiishy! He looks pretty much exactly how I imagined him when I read the book! Except he was scrawnier (if the word is even the the dictionary) in my minds eye. Ah.
'Reaaallly looking forward to the torture scene.

Anonymous said...

Fish is my favorite character and I think Anthony would be perfect as Fish! I can't wait to see the moive! Good luck!

ReginaDomanFan said...

I'm curious about Lights Out now. Ive never heard of it.. I cant find anything on youtube. Is there a preview or something somewhere on the internet? Or could you tell me what it's about?
I think you'll make a great Fish! It's good to know that thats who you actually pictured yourself playing. Now I don't have to be worried about whether you'll make a good one or not =)

Elenatintil said...


The official "Lights Out" website.

Gwendolyn said...

These interviews were all fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. They made my stomach tie up in knots with excitement. I wish i could watch the movie right now......RIGHT NOW!!! :D