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We premiered the project on June 23rd, 2011 at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN to a delighted audience of over 100 viewers.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 6 - May 12th 2009


Elizabeth: So...Elizabeth and Anthony here with the latest report from the SOTB film set.

Anthony: Good afternoon all you SOTB fans. I think you will be glad to hear that we filmed the scene...

Elizabeth:...of Fish and Rose in Freet's basement. It was a blast.

Anthony: It was indeed a blast. It was very fun.

Elizabeth: Starting with the makeup..


Anthony: This was like half of the fun, with the blood and bruises and cuts and of course tearing up the shirt...


Elizabeth: Blood! Guts! Gore!


Anthony: Yes indeed Elizabeth. Blood, guts and gore.

Elizabeth: I got to be principle make-up artist. That was awesome.


(Elizabeth's hand on the spray bottle! ;) )

Elizabeth: and THEN we got to tie Anthony up!

Anthony: I've never been tied up before. It was painful, but unbelievably fun.

Elizabeth: And then we made you escape...8 times? 10 times? What was it?

Anthony: Oh I don't even know...but it was a lot.


Elizabeth: And then I got to escape...


Elizabeth: I wasn't too bad. Was I? Oh yeah...you weren't there then...

Anthony: No I wasn't. I was rescuing a girl with a bag over her head.

Elizabeth: *SHHHH!* We haven't filmed that yet!!!


Elizabeth: Oh and that last picture was when Sharayah was trying to get coffee from me...

Anthony: Ah yes. My beautiful counterpart. You must admit that that puppy dog face is quite convincing. I don't know what the heck mine is.

Elizabeth: Terrifying. And I don't know about convincing. Sharayah never got that coffee. She didn't need it.


Elizabeth: So we filmed about half or a third or something of that scene, and tonight we're going to do the rest.

Anthony: I'm excited and terrified.

Elizabeth: MR. FREET! But remember, Mr. Freet is nothing compared to Wolverine.

Anthony: ??? Wolverine is a good guy!

Elizabeth: NO! HE BEAT UP GAMBIT!!!!

Anthony: *laughs* He needed it.

Elizabeth: Grrrr. Ahem...*to fans* After filming last night the guys and I went to see "Wolverine." Which was awesome. And because our cinematographer, Eric, works at the theatre, he took us upstairs and I got to press the "start" button for the movie. That was super cool.

Anthony: It was AWESOME! You guys should all go and get a tour the projector booth of a theatre.

Elizabeth: Not at all what you think it is. We thought it would be cool to film a movie up there...

Anthony: It was amazing up there. Spooky and mysterious and cinematic all at the same time.

Elizabeth: Yeah. You wouldn't think a movie theatre would be cinematic, would you?


Anonymous said...

Great job!! (But I really do think the hangman's noose is overkill?)

Titania said...

Who is Elizabeth?
I've been in the projector booth in a theatre! :)
This scene looks awesome! Exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That blood was REALLY convincing!!! Wow!!!! SO COOL!!!!!!!

And this is so cool--I'M THE FIRST TO POST!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Love Rose's puppy dog face!!! OH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

Anonymous said...

THAT IS SOOOO AMAZING!!! You did a GREAT job on makeup!!! I can't wait!!!!! This looks so cool!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! This is so cool!!!! I cannot wait to see this part in the movie! or the whole movie for that matter!!! It looks like you all are doing an amazing job!
Praying for everything! :)

Bernadette said...

Wow! those bruises and cuts look really real. They look like they hurt.

Great Job Anthony and Elizabeth!

Melody the Incorrigible said...

Hey! Gambit attack Wolverine first! Our dear Gambit was asking for it. Further still, Wolverine fought only until Gambit had blown off his angery reaction and was ready to listen to sense.

Phoenix A. Cullen said...

out of curiosity is there any way that you could post a picture of Mr. Freet???
This looks like it is sooooooo suspensful, I can't wait to see the finished thing.
How far into filming the movie are you after this scean?
Sorry for so many questions.
I am praying for you guys... :)

Phoenix A. Cullen

WolfPrincess said...

ACK! Yes, he beat up Gambit...but Wolverine is still awesome! ;)

Oooohhhhh! Poor Anthony! He looks......scary with all that blood on him! :o SO cool though!

Jo March said...

It looks like it is going well! How exciting! And those last 2 photos are too funny!

Thanks so much!
~Jo March

Rien Takhid said...

Ok. That looks incredibly fun. And amazing. Fish/Anthony-->you look the part--other than the ridiculous grin of course :-). The makeup is well done. I've been in a production before where we had to do "wounds" and know a bit of what its like. Excellent job!

Angel_Horses said...

Gaaahhh... I kept shuddering at all that blood and thinking "OW!" Lol... far too convincing for my poor oversensitive nerves... *rolls eyes at self* I do not do well with wounds and stuff, LOL. I'm fine with blood, just not when it's on people :P

And Elena, what on earth were you doing tied up? Just for fun? :P


Turwethiel Merilwen said...

AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! EEEEEKKKK!!! I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! Rose and Fish.....awesome!!!!! Where's Freet?

TooShea Films said...

Ohhhh! I am sooo excited for this movie! :D Great job on it!

Will you be releasing a second trailer anytime soon? Just wondering. :)

Anonymous said...

I love all of the pictures! They are really great! (I just think that Fish's shirt could be a bit more dirtier... I looks too new.) Everything else is just PERFECT! I can't wait until the movie comes out.

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a wonderful job, and it looks like you're having tons of fun! Everything is exactly the way I imagined it while reading the book.

Rin♥ said...

Wow. Awesome. Completely amazing pics.


Lady Maeve Settingsun said...

yes, please post a picture of freet!! even though he's absolutely odious, i still want to see what he looks like..and great job guys!!! that blood, guts and gore looked very convincing..not unlike sharaya's puppy-dog eyes..;)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite scene in the book!!!! I love Fish with all his *wounds*!!!!!!!

KittyCat said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!! I LOVE FISH!! Oh my goodness this is so good! Amazing really.

KittyCat said...

Oh yeah, could we get a pic of Freet, please?!? * gets on knees and begs *

Elizabeth Hardy said...

WOW!! THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see the movie!! :) Rose and Fish are sooo awesome!! :) :)

Rose said...

PICTURES!!! Ha ha, it is so weird to see someone smiling with only their eyes. He has very happy eyes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! I can't begin to describe how awesome these picks are!!! AH! So I guess I'll just leave it at this:

SOTB fan said...

So cool! Poor Fish! Make me want to cry. :( The make-up is great! :)Very life-like. Impressive. It's hard to make fake bruises and scars and all. I've been in a play, and all we did was rub charcoal all over us and our clothes! Talk about painful! Anways, keep up the great work!

Gwen said...

These pictures are hysterical. :) I loved the one with Anthony and Sharayah where Anthony's mouth is duct taped. :D