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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Find the Brier's Prom Dresses!!!


The Shadow of the Bear production crew would like to ask your assistance in tracking down the perfect prom dresses for Rose and Blanche Brier!

Who can enter?
Any fans who are dedicated enough to go searching!

How do I enter?

1. Read the descriptions of the dresses below.

2. Grab your wallet and go hunting around in thrift stores, garage sales, boutiques, wherever you can think! When you find a dress, make sure that it is returnable (unless you don't mind owning it if it isn't chosen) and bring it home!

3. Take a picture of the dress and e-mail it to theshadowofthebear@ymail.com

4. If your dress is chosen, we will give you a mailing address to ship it to.

UPDATE: The Tentative Deadline is May 30th.


The dresses must fit the colors and basic descriptions in the book. We can do some alterations, but the closer the dresses are to the descriptions, the better chance your dress will have of being chosen.

Blanche's dress should be between sizes 4 and 8.

Rose's dress should be between sizes 2 and 6.

The production has a limited fund. We'd like to spend no more than $15, preferably much less on each dress. Anything over this (including shipping) will need to be paid by the contestant.

The Grand Prize?

Two dresses, one for Rose and one for Blanche will obviously be featured in the film. The purchasers' names will appear in the credits under the costuming department for "Blanche's Prom Dress provided by" and "Rose's Prom Dress provided by"
Pictures of the dresses will be posted on this blog. Also, the winners will each recieve a copy of the DVD when it is released, signed by the cast and crew.

Runners up/Honorable mentions

Will get their finds displayed on this blog, and a special thanks will be given them on the movie credits (by name, if they wish). Although we cannot financially re-emburse them, if they are willing to cover the costs of shipping, we are more than willing to feature the dresses in the prom scene by having other actresses wear them.

Blanche's Dress

Blue-Green or teal
Bodice covered with sequins or beads (can be added by production if necessary)
Long full skirt
Chiffon petels overlaying the underskirt

Rose's Dress
Purple sequins or beads
Short skirt (just below the knee)

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know at theshadowofthebear@ymail.com

The hunt is on!


Ella Ellessanderil said...

Cool idea!

Question...did you mean to put "@ymail" or is that a typo & you meant "@gmail"? Just wanna be sure ppl have the right address.

Anonymous said...

OOOO! I will be on the lookout for the dresses!

Elenatintil said...

No, it is ymail. Yahoo mail.

Angel_Horses said...

Gahhhhh... *feels a sudden urge to go shopping*

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you're staying true to the book! Good for you. I had a question. After you're finished and it is published(whatever the word is) where will I be able to buy it? Will you be selling it on one of your blogs or on this one? I know I have a while to wait... unfourtunately. :) I am following closely on your progress. Do you have a date set that you think you'll finish? Thank you for bearing all my many questions. :)

Jo March said...

This is definitely a moment I wish I could drive! Well, I will have to put some air in the tires of my bike and go shopping!! :)

Also, is there a deadline?

Thanks so much!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Well, Operation Glass Slipper is having their $25-$5 fundraiser sale this weekend in Woodbury! Plenty of potential options...

I think that's the website...

Bernadette said...

I definitly want to go look!!!! :-P
Yeah, is there a deadline?

Anonymous said...


Lady Maeve Settingsun said...

hhhmmm.....where's a good place to go for potential prom dresses....;) i'm def going to get my mom to take me to the salvation army store or something...

Anonymous said...

very cool!!! goodwill, here i come!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering is this open to international fans as well?

Elenatintil said...

Anonymous - technically yes, if you are willing to pay the overseas shipping to get the dress to us.

Emily Rose said...

OooOOooOoooH... I suddenly want to go shopping really badly.

I can't wait to see the dresses though. :D

Thalia & Emma said...

It doesn't mention in the book or in your description what kind of sleeves you would like the dresses to have (short, long, no-sleeves?).

Because we are international we would be more than willing to pay all overseas shipping costs etc...

We are so excited about the movie and are praying that everything goes well.

Thank you
God Bless
Thalia and Emma from Australia

Elenatintil said...

I think I would prefer wide straps or really short sleeves...although I can add straps or sleeves if it's sleeveless.