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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Screenshot Wednesday

Today's screencapture is another shot from the Penthouse scene.

Note of interest for those of you who weren't around when I first blogged about this day... yes, according to the book, Blanche is supposed to be in her prom dress in this scene. However, the dress was being shipped to me and had not arrived by the time we had to leave to shoot the scene. So I had Hannah bring a kimono and wear that in the scene and our logic is that it was something Bear's mother had around and Blanche was cold or whatever and wanted to put it on. (We do see her putting it on over the prom dress in the scene when she wakes up, which was filmed at a later date).

So when did the prom dress arrive? When I got home from filming that date, the package was waiting for me. Figures.


Gab said...

ooh...can't wait to see that prom scene!

Anonymous said...

Love the look on Bear's face! And I actually really like the addition of the kimono because Blanche seems like the sort of person who would have felt vulnerable being in her prom dress in a strange house. It totally makes sense that she would have put something on over it.

Elenatintil said...

Thanks for saying that, LadyS! I think you're right. :)

Mario said...

It looks awesome! The idea of putting something over the prom dress is great and I don't see why it shouldn't work. It totally makes sense and it is Blanche-like for her to want to be wearing something extra to sort of feel safer.
Can't wait for the movie!

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ThankGodforyou said...

I think the kimono works well with this scene. In the book Blanche puts on cloak before she hears Bear and Fish talking. Can't wait for more shots. Oh and one quick question are the Fosters in the movie?